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Tourmaline Beads

Acting as an anti-aging agent, Far-Infrared Vulcanized Ceramic Beads strengthen the body’s resistance to infectious diseases, increase the oxygen level of the blood, improve stress tolerance, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, and increase ion oxygen and nutrients in cells resulting in increased muscle strength, vitality and mental stability.

  • Tourmaline beads in the handle release negative ions promoting a fresh vibrant shower sensation softening water and helping to reduce bacteria in water
  • Increases the absorption of water to aid in nourishment
  • Supports detoxification
  • Enhances natural healing and immunity
  • Maximizes the synergy effect in the emission of far infrared rays and negative ions
  • Main Ingredients: Hematite, a special mineral related to metabolism

Germanium Balls

The Germanium Balls are made from 99.99% purified high quality organic germanium. Each ball measuring 10mm in diameter has a large contact area with water for optimum effects

  • Made from 99.99% purified high quality organic germanium
  • Germanium makes mild to skin and it stimulates perspiration to improve metabolism

Ceramic Anion Balls

Reducing harmful minerals in the water, Ceramic Anion Balls “soften” the incoming water, leaving your skin feeling smoother and cleaner. Minerals in the water cause your hair to frizz and for those with color treated hair, can cause fading or even discoloration!

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